Long Span Storage System

These Storage System is designed to bear loading capacity ranging from 350 Kg to 3500 kg per level. This product mainly used in Ware-Houses, Cold Storages, Raw-Material & Finished-goods storages etc. Long-span storage system is used with the help of handling equipments. This system increase working efficiency by consuming minimum man-power. Looking to the customer’s needs & requirement, we offer six sub-products of the same to solve storage issues. 1. F.I.F.O System, 2. Drive-In System, 3. Multi-Tier System, 4. Heavy Duty Palletizing Systems. 5. Heavy Duty Shelving Systems. & 6. Semi Heavy Duty Shelving Systems.

FIFO System

As the name suggests, FIFO storage i.e. First In First Out Storage, is type of heavy duty storage system that ensure optimum usage of space, store more goods in available space with less aisles and fewer forklifts, reducing fuel and labor costs. FIFO pallet flow storage system can double or triple the capacity of an available space. Its applications include raw materials storage, work-in-process, finished goods, order picking, buffer storing, and even cross docking. We make optimum uses of cubic space based on the flexible storage concept and offer high accessibility to stored goods.

Drive In System

The Drive-In System is also popularly known as LIFO (Last in First Out) Storage System/Inventory management System. This system is used for very well-organized storage application. Pallets are stored back to back without aisles for remarkable dense storage. This system provides a brilliant solution for products that are not time or date sensitive, or even for fast moving pallets that are rotated regularly. It needs the operator to drive into the racking system from one side & remove pallets from the similar entry point.

Multi Tier System

This storage system gives a unique solution of space optimization. A Multi Tier shelving system can be used for large as well as medium sized goods which allow flexibility of handling a variety of goods. Multi-tier system perform space within space i.e. ground, first, second & third floor on the same floor. We possess a highly skilled workforce to install the system, we ensure our quality standard delivers in the way that attains customer satisfactions.

Heavy Duty Palletizing System

This type of Heavy Duty Palletizing System is the most common practice of loading pallets. This flexible pallet racking system is extensively utilized in almost each and every industry. A wide range of products can be stored in these palletized racks. This storage system is widely popular for heavy duty storage which incorporates racks. It requires slow maintenance with easy installation.

Heavy Duty Shelving System

This heavy duty shelving system is a simple solution which enables storage of non-palletized goods. The shelving system can be used for a large range of medium to big sized goods that can be easily controlled manually. It allows flexibility of handling a variety of goods manually with aid of equipments.

Semi Heavy Duty Shelving System

This semi heavy duty shelving system is a simple solution for light & medium load materials, which enables storage of non-palletized goods. The semi H. D. shelving system is used for weight-less material of giant in size. It allows flexibility of handling a variety of goods stacking manually.

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